Cash Management

Cash Management Basics

A sound cash management program uses a disciplined approach: accounting, analysis, allocation, and adjustment.

Doubling Your Money

Before making investment decisions, it is helpful to determine the real rate of return on the investment.

Cash Management Tools

Short-term cash management instruments can help you establish a sound cash management program.

Money Market Funds

Money market funds can be a highly liquid and effective cash management tool.

Managing Cash

There are numerous investment alternatives available to help provide liquidity.

Biweekly Mortgages

Biweekly mortgage payments can have a dramatic effect on the amount of interest homeowners have to pay.

Reverse Mortgages

There are techniques that can enable older homeowners to use their property to finance their lifestyle.

Smart Financing Ideas

Here are some smart ways to refinance your home.

College Financial Aid

It’s important to understand the options, such as financial aid grant programs, when having to pay for college.

Savings Alternatives

There are a number of savings alternatives that could help you earn a reasonable rate of return.

Effects of Inflation

Historically, one of the best ways to fight the effects of inflation has been to utilize growth-oriented investments.

Home Equity Loans

Shifting some debt to a home equity loan, which typically allows interest payments to be tax deductible, could have its advantages.