Pooled Income Fund

A trust created by a charitable organization that combines the contributions of several donors and distributes income to those donors based on the earnings of the trust. The trust is managed by the charitable organization, and contributions are partially deductible for income tax purposes.


All the investments held by an individual or a mutual fund.

Preferred Stock

A class of stock with claim to a company’s earnings, before payment can be made on the common stock, and that is usually entitled to priority over common stock if the company liquidates. Generally, preferred stocks pay dividends at a fixed rate.

Prenuptial Agreement

A legal agreement arranged before marriage stating who owns property acquired before marriage and during marriage and how property will be divided in the event of divorce. ERISA benefits are not affected by prenuptial agreements.

Price/Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio)

The market price of a stock divided by the company’s annual earnings per share. Because the P/E ratio is a widely regarded yardstick for investors, it often appears with stock price quotations.


In a security, the principal is the amount of money that is invested, excluding earnings. In a debt instrument such as a bond, it is the face amount.


The court-supervised process in which a decedent’s estate is settled and distributed.

Profit-Sharing Plan

An agreement under which employees share in the profits of their employer. The company makes annual contributions to the employees’ accounts. These funds usually accumulate tax deferred until the employee retires or leaves the company.


A document provided by investment companies to prospective investors. The prospectus gives information needed by investors to make informed decisions prior to investing in a specific mutual fund, variable annuity, or variable universal life insurance. The prospectus includes information on the minimum investment amount, the investment company’s objectives, past performance, risk level, sales charges, management fees, and any other expense information about the investment company, as well as a description of the services provided to investors in the investment company.